Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Leaving, On A Big Boat...

Been a little...distracted. Busy.

On Friday, I will be leaving for a wonderful vacation. I hesitate to call it a trip-of-a-lifetime, as I never like to say anything is a one-time shot. We have only one life- gotta shoot for as much as we can get!

Scot, Maggie, Nora, Mom, Brother Tim, SIL Cindy, and I are setting sail on the Disney Magic. My sis will not be joining us as she had some huge expenditures this past year (new house, 2 college-age kids) :( . We will board in Orlando and spent 14 nights cruising the Atlantic, with stops in the Bahamas, Madeira, Cadiz, Gibraltar, and Barcelona.

I know, it's big. Dear Dad planned the cruise over a year ago. Sort of a "Blow It Out Your Ass" final trip for him to take with the family. Believe me, I've been cursing him out for both missing the trip and depleting our savings account. I jest. We will miss him, but more money will not make up for the experiences ahead of us (cocktails on our veranda in the middle of the Atlantic, monkeys in Gibraltar, swimming in the Bahamas!)

The big trip is almost here. I'm typing naked, self-tanner slathered on my body. The house is in a packing disarray, and the kids forms to officially witdraw them from school sit on the kitchen counter. We are scrambling to tie loose ends. Scot is cramming work in, and I am leaving instructions and sticky notes all over for my nephew Nathan, the dog sitter.

I am excited. Nervous. My best friend Joelle sent me the most gorgeous travel journal, so that I can document the adventures. I will. And I will report back to you with details.

Cheers, my friends!