Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is there an illegitimate child in my child's future? Not if I can help it!

"Nora, you may not get those shoes! You are not a hoochie, and you are not working the corner. FORGET ABOUT IT. IT IS NOT HAPPENING!"

You are five years old!"

- Me, on a recent shoe-shopping trip to Kohl's, for Nora
(the above pics are the desired shoes)

When Nora was 4 she told me she wanted to name her children something to the effect of "Stargazerlilly" and "Sugarplumb". That wasn't it, but you get the drift.

When we go out clothes shopping, Nora always wants the washed-out pastel polyester dress. The one where the top is a thin cotton that gives way to layers of flimsy fire-retardant blue and cream rayon ruffles.

She's been known to put glitter in her hair while prepping for school.

When I'm putting on makeup the kid stands behind me, taking notes.

Why do I have a sick feeling this child seems to be headed directly to the "strippa po"?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can I have another 30 minutes of your day?

Women should exercise an hour a day to maintain weight, study says -

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No, really. I didn't need to hear this.

Part of me would rather think it was somehow my dieting fault, like the final bite of Scot's Baskin Robbins Tax Crunch cone was what undid the hard run. But I didn't realize I should be doing more exercise.

On second thought, maybe I'll be able to make peace with this. This study shows there is only so much you can do to fight age and a slowing metabolism.

I am alive, And save the damn sciatica (from running) I am healthy.

Not bad.

That article is going in the trash. Who needs more guilt?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Reason #895 I love my mom...

The greatest thing I have ever learned came from my mother.

She taught me that all of us carries certain gifts that we bestow upon the world.

"God gives something to everyone."

I still hear my mom utter her patented line today. As a kid, I recalled it every time I met someone who intimidated me, or in times when I had the shallowness to pity a person.

The girl next to you in homeroom might have been a knockout, but she didn't have a sense of humor on a bad hair day.

Jimmy, your next-door neighbor, was plug as a bug in a rug, but the kid would defend your ass on the playground.

My mom is a smart lady. Her strength and goodness shine. Other stories on her to follow in the coming days.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Three names you go by:
1. Tone
2. T
3. Lovedoll
Three things you are wearing right now:
1. blue nightgown
2 Wedding ring
3. watch
Three things you want very badly at the moment:
1. continued health
2. some cute new flats
3. a good book
Three people you are certain who will answer :
1. Jennifer
2. Karen
3. Darci
Three of your favorite foods:
1. sushi
2. pasta
3. ice cream

Three people you last talked to on the phone:
1. Scot
2. mom
3. Kelly

Three things you are going to do tomorrow:
1. Go to Marshalls (for cute flats)
2. lunch with Scot
3. attend Art Open House at kids' school

Three of your favorite beverages:
1. coffee with cocoa (daily)
2. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
3. Bloody Mary
Have fun!! :) and BE HONEST!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cake Wrecks

I've been busy looking for a new place online to waste all my time now that I've given up Facebook for lent. Or really just because my kids want their mother to read them stories before bed (needy things!)

Here it is.

It's worthy of your time. Kind of like what would happen if the creatures of Walmart started a bakery.

There are true masterpieces on the site as well. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010


I got off the Facebook grid about a month ago. Well, I'm still there. I've just stopped updating my status every time I sneeze. My friend Karen let me know (via Facebook) that John Mayer is doing a digital cleanse as well (he needs to). I'm not so sure dropping Facebook has kept me and my mouth out of trouble, but it is saving me great amounts of time. While I love knowing what 30 friends had for dinner or what novel is worth reading, I found myself opting out of certain "friends" feeds, as they were annoying the hell out of me. I can't help but think the feeling is mutual. I myself was posting the most absurd things for 100 of my not-so-closest friends to read. Do I really need to air that? I have a blog for that reason. Only the people who actually, sort-of, kind of like/tolerate me read my blog.

I might go back to Facebook. I really enjoy my fellow bloggers updates, and some old friends from Camden Catholic (Theresa, Kathi, etc.) Heck, if it weren't for Facebook and Myspace, I wouldn't have found Jen T.

But I might not. I find I am beading more, reading more, and am generally available to my family most of the time. Quite liberating.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Recap

Every time I watch an award show, Scot swears it's the last one he'll take in with me.
I have clothing opinions dammit.

Loved 'em

A big ol' N I C E to Demi Moore ! The color was gorgeous, the flow of it ,beautiful, and she just looks fantastic. Guess you had better look hot if your kids and husband are nearly the same age.

Cameron Diaz looked dazzling. I've never been impressed with Cami in interviews; she appears a little "slow." And her hair and demeanor usually matches her Spicoli 'tude. Not last night. Her hair was loose and flowy, but with some intelligent control behind it.

I love Kate Winslet. Even if her dress is a tad boring, I'll forgive her. Makeup is polished, hair is done. And personally, I like knowing she didn't sacrifice breakfast to fit in her dress.

George, you are my Old Hollywood Turkish Delight. One bite of him would make me so much more of a WO-Man. The long locks aren't rocking me, but he's a delicious man, in a tuxedo. It's really that simple. I can forgive the hair.

Hated 'em

J. Lo.- Hated it. Maybe it's that I don't like her. And why was she at the Oscars? A newborn's stuffed animal multiplied on her thigh and now she looks attractive to sleepy babies that want to nuzzle up to her blanket-like appendage. Awful. Overdone. And while I'm bashing on her, there is the problem of Marc Anthony. He looks like he should be harassing his girls out on a seedy Miami street corner. Cheeseball. Slimy.

Vera Farmiga. Refreshing. In an exotic, newbie way. Not in the sherbet way. Elks Lodge 91 in Lincoln, Nebraska called. They want their fan-folded 28 dinner napkins (in berry), back.

SJP. No. No. She has a rocking body. And gorgeous, cascading hair. The frump frock and school marm hair frighten me. I half expect her to be the evil grandmother in LifeTime TV's take on V.C. Andrews "The Flowers in the Attic". She has young children. I wish she would introduce them to the SJP ala "Honeymoon in Vegas." They won't be so afraid of her then.

Mariah. When I first got some boobs (little they are) I wanted to hoist them to the heavens, too. But I was 29 and quickly realized they were just leaking milk bags. And when you have great legs, that could be the body part you choose to highlight. Notice I said "part". ONLY ONE ITEM PER PERSON PLEASE. Sometimes, MORE IS MORE! Shock! Awe. I knew Bob Mackie and other famous designers are designing for Baribie, but I would suggest leaving Barbie Patterns to the Barbie Doll.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunrise Trail

Behind my mom's house is the best hiking trail. Two miles to the top. Two miles down. It took about 2 hours. Bernice was the lucky dog of the day and got to go with us. It is simply gorgeous at the top. I love Arizona!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New hurts, old losses, and why time helps.

My mom says the best piece of advice she got after my dad passed away was this:

" Just give it time. Time is your friend."

That message was conveyed to my mom from Mary, the mother of my dear, old friend Dana. Dana's father passed away suddenly, back in 1998. At 50 and 26, Mary and Dana were dealt a huge blow. Dana was one of my best supporters after my father died. Only those that have experienced the same loss truly know how hard the initial grief is.

It was the best advice on grief I have ever heard, too. And during the first couple of months after my dad passed on, I clung to those words with hope.

Time does heal wounds. I never forget he's not here, I never stop missing his humor, tenaciousness, and quiet sanity in a family of attention-getting Cancers*(Tim, Julie, mom). But as time marches on, I have stopped seeing his death and all the sad details that accompanied it as vividly and sharply as they once appeared. My life is whipping along on the rails, and the past is falling out of focus. I consider this a gift. I liken it to a small child blocking out abuse; it's a survival instinct.

My friend Jen lost her beloved doggie partner, Saffron, yesterday. She was a great old Basset Hound who loved, comforted, and entertained Jen for almost 15 years.

Today, I share the message of grief and time with my friend Jen. ->

You'll never forget Saffy Jen. Nor do you want to. But I hope time eases the extreme pain and loss you are feeling now.


By the way, Norm and Saffy shared a birthday. Two Leo's leading the way in Heaven. :)
* - Cancers, as in the astrological sign.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Road Trip

Oh yeah, and Bernice was upset she didn't get to go.

I love to get in the car and go on a road trip. Serious time in the car brings the promise of good tunes, and a trip to Dairy Queen.

Today, Scot and I played hooky and headed to Tucson. We went to pick up his sister's mattress. What sounds like a long, dirty story is actually short and clean. Alex bought a new bed last semester and today moved to a new place that comes furnished. We could use the mattress for Nora, as we had been contemplating cheap room re-do's for the girls.

R.E.M.'s Be Mine came on the shuffle, and we reminisced how the lyrics to that song were the perfect ones to inscribe inside our wedding bands. We never did engrave them as we couldn't find anyone who would do it while we waited. But, hearing the song today showed us that what we thought sounded cool 12 years ago, still sounds good now. Glad it hasn't changed.

We didn't get any soft serve, but we got to see Alex (Scot's alarmingly mature and sweet 20-year-old sister) and went out for juicy roast beef and pickle sandwiches. It was an unplanned, simple day. And it was lovely. Funny how some of the most memorable, special days of our lives are that way. :)

R.E.M.'s Be Mine

I never thought of this as funny
It speaks another world to me
I wanna be your Easter bunny
I wanna be your Christmas tree

I'll strip the world that you must live in
Of all its godforsaken greed
I'll ply the tar out of your feathers
I'll pluck the thorns out of your feet
You and me
You and me
You and me

And if I choose your sanctuary
I'll want to wash you with my hair
I'll want to drink of sacred fountains
And find the riches hidden there

I'll eat the lotus and peyote
I'll want to hear the caged-bird sing
I'll want the secrets of the temple
I'll want the finger with the ring
You and me
You and me
You and me

And if you make me your religion
I'll give you all you will need
I'll be the drawing of your breath
I'll be the cup if you should bleed
I'll be the sky above the Ganges
I'll be the vast and stormy sea
I'll be the lights that guide you inland
I'll be the visions you will see
Visions you will see

You will see
You will see
You and me