Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Wii Bit Harder!

The kids have been enjoying the Wii they received for Christmas. I haven't had much of a chance on it yet, but Maggie, Scot and Nora are perfecting their bowling game. Maggie has a real talent for boxing, and Nora has started kicking some princess arse on on a Disney game. Today when I turned around I caught a glimpse of her thrashing about with her nunchuk and remote. The remote was vigorously gyrating, shaking in an up-and-down, up-and-down fashion. It was slightly horrifying and perverted.

But darn funny. Much like Alec Baldwin in this recent (already classic) SNL skit.

Please enjoy.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Post #300 - Holiday Wrap-up

The tree came down today. I've always been a believer that "when it's over, it's over."

It was a difficult Christmas Day. Everyone had told me to prepare myself for that, but I don't think you are ever geared up to feel lousy. Therefore, when the sadness hit, it really walloped me. There were great moments of joy and laughter to the day. But my mood broke downwhen I looked around and counted 10 seats at the table, not the traditional 11.

It was great to see the cousins enjoying one another. Nathan has graduated from college in Japan so it was good to have him back, knowing he won't be getting on a plane and leaving once again. After dinner, we all headed outside for a chilly walk around the block. We bundled up in jackets and scarves (I think it was 50 degrees) and enjoyed the neighborhood lights and crisp smoky air. The lasagna, ham, cheesy potatoes and Snow Mountain sat in our bellies as we played a heated game of Scrabble.

So, it's over. We all made it through Christmas. We yearned for old memories but I believe we managed to make some new ones as well.

Someone recently told me that by being alive, we are the "lucky ones." We get to keep enjoying the roller coaster. Very true. But for the love of God! Really- can 2010 have more exhilarating plunges than horribly hard hills? Please?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm Back...


Anyone out there?

I am going to try my derndest to commit to blogging again.

Perhaps a blog-a-thon would help.

The idea came to me today, as I started cleaning up Christmas. It's time for a fresh start. The first step I took was cleaning out the coat closet so that I could fit the Christmas tree back inside. Doing so opened up my clothing options! I was shocked to find jackets I hadn't seen in years.

So maybe the same could be said of my mind. While I've been toiling at anatomy, I've gotten out of touch with daily feelings and observations. I know stuff is lurking in the brain, it's just been stuffed full holding facts and figures.

A new blog look, a new year, a new semester. A little less memorization, a little more writing.

This feels a little strange. Kind of like friends that haven't spoken since they got drunk and said some things they now can't remember.

It'll come back to me. Just be patient.