Monday, June 14, 2010

Shopping With Feeeeeling

The Chinese restaurant in Madeira , across from the pottery shop where I bought the rooster
Rooster on display (which makes me think of   the Chinese restaurant )

Mazatlan memento

Mickey shorts
As I poured my coffee this morning,  I said "good morning" to my Madeira Rooster.  You see,   I decorate the house,  my ears,  my body, and my internal organs  with stuff bought while on  vacation.   For some totally bogus reason,  traveling lubricates my spending senses,  lulling me into a drunken state of  free spending.   This is not helped if the currency is foreign;  then the money resembles tokens for the merry-go-round and I instantly devalue their worth.  An overpowering need to sentimentalize and remember every place I visit culminates in the purchase of  roosters, paintings, shorts,  and exotic-sounding Mexican pharmaceutical prescriptions (wart cream in Spanish comes off sounding like Verrrrrrruga).

The painting is from our last trip to Mexico.   The shop proprietor  bubble-wrapped the whole thing, then covered it in butcher's paper.  It was suddenly three feet tall . I carried it like a precious baby through the streets of Mazatlan.  After the Dos Equis wore off I was glad to see I still liked it.  Actually,   I adore it (plus, it reminds me of the last cruise my dad took with us - see!  you can justify anything if you give it feeling! )

The items I make off with  are rarely Sombrero Purchases ( you've heard of this right? - crap you don't want once you sober up and are struck with the realization that big straw hats don't look good outside of Cancun.)   That's not to say I don't have a little bit of remorse about the plaid Mickey shorts that spoke to me in a moment of Disney weakness.  No,  I say that just for Scot.  I brought them back to the room and under his breath her uttered,  "sombrero."  For the record,  these have been worn off the ship. 


Sunday, June 13, 2010

For Dad

The Michigan commercials are back. And they still make me cry. And laugh. I can't help but think of the embarrassing armpit Detroit is for Michigan.

I wish we had been able to go last year; for a last "blow-it-our-asses" for Dad.

Next summer, I hope to return for a good, long visit. After all, life is short, and sunrises are limited.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


This is my boozed-up brother and his boozed-up friend, Doug. This pic has nothing to do with the post, but it always makes me giggle.

I've neglected you.
I can assure you, I was busy. Sort-of. On June 1st, I started two summer school classes. One meets on T/TH, for 3 weeks, from 7-11 a.m. The class is nursing assisting. We watched the Alzheimer's Project last week and I wet myself all over with tears. I looked around and noticed that the only other folks having a hard time controlling their emotions were the other older folks in class. The 20-year-olds were snapping their gum and yawning. Some day they'll get it. Till then, let them live in their universe of blissful ignorance. :) This week we will go over death and dying. Such wonderful timing. The class is a bit hard to take in parts, but is part of my prerequisites.

My other class is online. It's pharmacology, and is quite interesting. I kind of dig knowing the different drug schedules. It's over on June 30th.

Last week, Scot and I celebrated our anniversary on the 6th. We went to a local resort. We drank brewskis by the pool, swam, and went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. We then returned to our cool sanctuary of a room and spent 12 hours lying in our cold sheet fluffy bed watching HBO. Truly. It was marvelous. The next day I celebrated my birthday. Mom joined us for sushi, and afterward we went to a frozen yogurt place that has the world's best salty-sweet peanut butter sauce. Screw cake- give me ice cream. Couldn't really top a weekend like that!

In between all the business and festivities a little cloud hangs. On June 4th, last year, my dad went into the hospital for his surgery. On the 18th, it will be a year since he has been gone. Though the initial pain of losing him has passed, more than ever, I miss him. I miss his quips, his sarcasm, his kindness. The most painful thought I try unthinking is that "I will never see him again." That's a doozie.

I thought about dad a lot last Friday. The kids and I took in a summer-time kid showing of Charlotte's Web, and when I left the theater I looked as though someone had beat me about the head. I had never seen/read the story and obviously Charlotte's death was a great big metaphor for my dad's passing, and the legacy he's left behind. Not sure what the legacy is, beyond a blogging daughter, but you know what I mean...

Both kids have been trading pink eye and ear infections, but so far have been enjoying their summers. Art camp starts this week, and from that point on, summer gets busy for them. They are happy, and healthy and as much as I give them a hard time for following me around the house like the dogs do, I love having them home with me. Their nosiness gives this place such buoyant life.

Scot has been very busy with work. I think that's a good thing. I always equate extreme business with money. I know it hasn't always worked out that way, but I derive some satisfaction in a hard day's work, especially when it's someone else doing the working.

Today will be a magnificent 87 degrees. Such a change from the 110 we had last week. This won't last, and it's unseasonal for June in Arizona. I will lap it up with an outdoor run and perhaps a bike ride later.

Happy weekend, and Love to all.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Laugh your a$$ off funny

When my time comes,  I wonder if they'll have Depends with pockets?