Monday, September 21, 2009

Jungle Alcohol

Life is passing by with great clippy speed these days. Which isn't such a bad thing. Usually that means there is order and harmony to daily life. I have been enjoying my anatomy class, and scored well on my first exam. The kids are healthy and happy and Scot is content with work.

Tonight I was searching through old emails, alphabetically, looking for a free Lands' End shipping code. I came across my dad's name, and took a look at his last few emails to me. My father was a faithful reader of my blog, and usually responded to every blog entry. I miss that so much. He always read, every day. :) At any rate, I found it amusing that the title of the last email he wrote me was "Jungle Alcohol." It was dated June 2nd. I couldn't remember what it was, so I opened it up, and had a look. A great final, fitting email. A classic clip, sent from the King of Funny Forwards. He really did go out with a bang.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly Update

I've neglected you sounding board.

Busy week.

Went to see Cracker, at a local bar. Such a fantastic, underrated band. You might know them from late 90's hits, Happy Birthday and EuroTrashGirl. About 200 people in a dirty bar. And yet they are overflowing with talent and deserve so much more. I'm not complaining. We were up close and sweaty. Everyone present was born before 1975 and was squeezing into their mom jeans. First place I've been in a long time in Scottsdale where I fit in. There was one woman rocking against the stage who was on crutches in her mid-40's. I wonder if the band wonders what happened to all the hot, young groupies. That woman was probably a vixen groupie 20 years ago. Alas, it is life and the shit it is of getting older. Not only does the band age, but the fan base ages. Ah well....

Mom is doing pretty well. She made it home from Russia, unscathed. We were so proud of her for seizing the moment and forging ahead with her previous travel plans. Every day is a new day with room for new opportunities. To look at it any other way would be pessimistic. Not that there aren't hard times. But you keep on trucking. Life is too short to curl up and sleep through the rest of it.

On to work, and studying. And more work, and studying. I have my first exam this Friday. In anatomy/physiology. It's going well, but it's a shitload of information to commit to memory. Glad I boned up on my brain puzzles and sudoku this summer.

A shout out to Jen, who is dealing with her sick, beloved canine. When they get old and leave us, the term canine is more appropriate. It's a more appropriately formal way of speaking of someone who has such a profound effect on our lives. A dog just sounds so offhanded, so disposable. And our four-legged friends are not that.

Love to all.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Special Dedication...

My best friend started back to work this year. Now she's managing 2 kids, a husband, a dog, and 27 2nd graders every day. Phew...

I am back in school and handling my own busy life. In between, there hasn't been much time for the two of us to connect.

Next month, I will fly out to Vegas, where Joelle and I will see U2 together. They have been our favorite band for 25 years, but we've never seen them together. Seeing her, and seeing U2 equate to a religious experience for me. I CANNOT WAIT!

I miss you, Jo. This one goes out to you. You are always in my thoughts.

And I thought you should take a gander at how hot Bono looks in this video.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

God and Dog

This one goes out to Bernice, Patrick, and Annie. Divine Dogs.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Warning Sign

The Today Show had a segment on where the music intro was Coldplay's "Warning Sign." I recognized the song as it has such a stunning beginning. I think it's one of Coldplay's best songs, and I felt the need to hear the entire thing right then. Lickety split, I was able to que up a fantastic acoustic version. Delicious! Enjoy.